Lucas Gabellini-Fava

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Lucas Gabellini-Fava is a London-based artist. He studied at the London College of Communication, where he received a BA First Class Honours degree in Photography. His multidisciplinary practice is an exploration of photography and its place within contemporary image-making - exploring the shifting of the photographic ‘object’ from the physical to the digital.  

In recent works, he explores the tangibility of the photograph, whereby he seeks to process, break down and distill images in an attempt to find their ‘absolute’ through the use of code, painting, screen printing, sculpture and installation. Most of his work stems from a fascination with the materiality of the image and the objecthood of the photograph. Works such as ‘In Free Fall’ and ‘As Skin, As Bodies’ are ways to try and understand the shift from the image as a tangible object, to something that exists solely within the digisphere. Through these examinations, Gabellini-Fava examines how physical archives and photographs can operate within a new, contemporary three-dimensional space. 

Lucas Gabellini-Fava won the Michael Wilson prize in 2019 for his installation ‘Programmed by my Father’, which led to the acquisition of the work by the University of the Arts London for their permanent collection. He is part of London’s Revolv Collective, which was established with the vision of developing new collaborative practices within the visual arts, focussing on innovative ways of teaching and creating photography.

Member of Revolv Collective