Lucas Gabellini-Fava

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Lucas Gabellini-Fava is a London-Based artist. He graduated from the University of the Arts London with a First-Class Honours in Photography. His work investigates the shifting of the body from the physical to the digital.
In recent works, he explores the physical tangibility of the photograph and attempts to process and distil the image. Currently using the photographic as pigment, not as representation, Gabellini-Fava paints works that represent photography at its most bare, in its most primal and primitive state. The images are no longer fixed in time, instead, burned, turned to ash and then brushed and affixed onto a canvas. They become stripped of their agency as imagery and simply exist as matter, as material.

Gabellini-Fava won the Michael Wilson prize for his work 'Programmed by my Father' in 2019, which lead to the acquisition of the work by the University of the Arts' permanent collection. He has shown internationally, notably at the Palais Schönborn in Vienna and the Moedestedet Gallery in Denmark. Lucas is part of Revolv Collective, which is based in London and was established around the idea of collaboration and collective practices within the field of visual arts, with a focal point in developing innovative ways of teaching and creating photography.

Director of Chopped Liver PRess
Part of Revolv CollectiVE