Full Circle

Taking on many forms, Full circle started life as an archive of photographs that were collected over a few years. After attempting to create a body of work from the images time and time again, I eventually found myself completely rejecting them. 

In an attempt to rid myself of these images and of the overbearing feelings of nostalgia that I associate with photography I decided to scan the backs of the photographs and burn the whole archive. It became my personal departure from the photographic image, learning that there is fundamentally nothing holy or theological about a photographic print in its essence.

Through this newfound liberation I acknowledged the fact that these photographs were once present as important objects, as relics, artefacts of memories and of lives. Now lost and disregarded, I felt empowered to create something new from their ashes.

The life of these images and of these memories came ‘full circle’. the book, performance, photographic prints and screen prints encapsulate the process of this destruction, their mourning and eventually the creation of the new. Full Circle is a liberation from the past and a celebration of the new.