Brown Hair, Blue Eyes


Satin Fabric, Nails 2.7 x 1.58m
Edition of 3+2AP (2016)

People have an innate need to be able to identify someone in their gaze. When you realise that an image is of a face, you are drawn to being able to identify them. However, because of the way the fabric changes the material reality of the image, this becomes an impossible task. Printed at 2.7 x 1.58 metres the photographs can be played with to change their appearance. Every time they are touched, the face changes, the facial features change and the subject and their reality becomes altered.

‘Brown Hair, Blue eyes’ Is less about the image and more about the physical alteration of the piece and the process by which its reality is altered through the viewer's interaction with the work. On closer inspection ‘Brown Hair, Blue Eyes’, is a three dimensional and dynamic piece that becomes a construction of contemporary visual language commenting on image and reality and the physical and material distortion of its subject matter. It becomes a commitment and demands you to become part of the experience; to touch it, play with it and change it.