Found Photograph in Brass Frame, Clay, 18 x 24 cm, Unique (2023)
Found Back of Photograph, Metal Wire, Thread, 18 x 24 cm, Unique (2023)

‘Silhouette’ is an ongoing body of work, where impressions are made from found physical photographic objects.

In Silhouette (01), the found vintage frame was pressed into a piece of clay to create an exact impression. Both the clay and the frame were then placed into two seperate white frames and shown side-by-side. This diptych explores the notions of preservation and reproduction. The act of making an impression serves as a form of replication whilst preserving the essence of the original frame.

The juxtaposition of the original frame and the clay impression reflects on the passage of time, the significance of found objects, and the history embedded within these artefacts. It invites contemplation on the relationship between the original image and its physical representation in the impression whilst raising questions about authenticity, memory, and the meaning of representation.

Silhouette (02) explores the idea of originality and replication through physical processes. By meticulously recreating the markings found on the back of the photograph using wire, the work transforms these scribbles, which would usually be understood as something of no importance into a tangible and permanent form. Here, these casual markings, perhaps made in a moment of boredom by the previous owner, take centre stage.

The act of repurposing and framing the back of the photograph brings attention to the discarded or unnoticed aspects of objects and images and re-contextualises them. It encourages us to engage with the interplay between the tangible and intangible aspects of the artwork and contemplate the relationship between photograph and object.