In Free Fall

Steel, Steel bolts, Photographic print, Approx. 60cm x 70cm x 30cm
Unique (2019)

‘In Free Fall' started from a fascination with the materiality of the image and the objecthood of the photograph. The work is a way to try and understand the shift from the image being a tangible object, to something that exists solely within the digisphere.

Through this, ‘in free fall’ started as an examination of how a digital photograph can operate within a three-dimensional space by trying to create something that did not simply become part of a space but instead, became part of the image itself.

The work only operates as its intended ‘image’ when the structure is put into place - when the photograph of the hand holds the steel beam. 'In Free Fall' bridges the division between the flatness of the digital image and the space around it - allowing it to exist in its own strange in-between and only becoming activated as a complete work when the structure activates the photograph.