As skin, As Bodies

UV Print onto Latex, Steel, Varying Dimensions
Unique (2019)

The photograms printed onto latex in 'As Skin, As Bodies' inhabit a three-dimensional flawlessness on a two-dimensional surface – distorting the human body and giving birth to something new. The work is presented on an enlarged scale, allowing the skin to unfold to its full length and width. Here, the skin begins to take the form of a map - all of its scars and punctures enlarged, permitting the viewer to experience the body as a landscape. Kiki Smiths declared that “skin is the surface or boundary line of the body’s limit’’ but here one observes never-ending skin, blurring the line between inside and outside, obliterating the end and beginning of a body.
These unfinished beings are perplexing and discomforting, as they simultaneously permit a whole view of the skin whilst remaining completely silent and deprived of context. The spectator observes how the beings extend into grotesque organisms and begin a life of their own. Gazing at their nakedness, they begin to provoke more questions than answers. The exposure of the almost nude grants utter vulnerability, where barriers are mechanically abolished.